Burger & Beerz

So, Burger and Beerz. I guess the first place to start is explaining the name. Everything valuable and earnest in my life has come either before, during, or after a burger and some beers. From the family and friends Sunday football afternoons, to the opening of a great first date, burgers and beers are a constant. There is nothing on this earth I would rather do than have my buddies over, grill up some patties, and drink some PBR. Throw some sports in the mix and you’re ready to rock. You literally can’t think about grabbing a burger and some beers without the word “Casual” jumping into your head.

In a world with very real horrors occurring on what seems like the daily, serial protesting, and a complete feeling of detachment from the cogs that make our country move and shake, we just may need an injection of some “Casual” here and there. So more than just a meal and some beverages “Burger and Beers” represents a way of going about your life. Things can take major downswings away from the expected, but if you got “Burger and Beers” in your soul, there is always a bar, kitchen table, or patio, equip with a tv and your name on it in the near future. That’s where I think the name really roots from. Every major decision I make in my life comes from a place of “Burger and Beers”.

I’ve always wanted to write, and now seems as good a time as any to get my voice out there. Up next is a little bio on myself, then we will be onto the actual stuff this blog will be made of.