The names Alvira, Alex Alvira, if you are looking for ransom, know, I do not have money. What I do have is a very particular set of skills. Skills gained from a very short, almost non existent career of writing to people like you. If you read to the end of this page (and hopefully continue on with the site) that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. If you do not however, I will hunt you, I will find you, and I will troll the very life from your soul. You have been warned.

That being said, I am a recent college grad who is currently toiling in a post college stupor. College is not the real world. We were told that by all the grads who went before us, but we didn’t listen. We laughed in their faces, called people north of 25 middle aged has beens (Sorry Doyle)…while chugging beers without reprecussion. We should have picked up on the cues, when in senior year hangovers turned into 3 day affairs, or when the cafe food started tasting like shit (realistically it was always shit). But we didn’t, and now were here trying to figure out how to act in a world that does not appreciate the nuances of slamming as many beers as you can before the taxis arrive.

So aside from a bordering alcoholic, what makes Alvira tick? Central to who I am as a person and writer, is my love for competition. Not to delve too deeply into that topic, but competition is the single greatest driver this world has to offer. Whether in sports, academia, or your professional life, if your competing you’re doing it the right way. I wrote an essay in my time at school detailing just how central compeition is to my life; I may post it at some point.

So with my love for competition came a very eventful and unsuccessful career as a collegiate athlete. The “has been, never was” if you will. One thing my collegiate baseball career did do for me, was further cement my love for sport in general. Some of the best sporting conversations you will ever be apart of come before or after practice in the bullpen. A large portion of this blog will be sports writing like it or not. I will try to incorporate other themes into my sports writing to keep those of you who aren’t specifically sports motivated interested.

So I’ve covered that I am a highly competitive, sports enthusiast.  I am also a complete and total nerd. I LOVE magic the gathering, any book with knights magic and swords, and any board game (though you may hate playing them with someone who hates losing as much as I do). I have plans to write a book or two before my time is done. They will probably be complete shit, but I’ve always been a day dreamer. Because of that, these fantasies rooted from a childhood of fighting imaginary bad guys with my stick/sword in the backyard have to find a way out. Expect me to float ideas out there, and if I ever gatherer up the courage, a chapter or two.

Now that I am growing up (lol) I’ve also found that I love philosophy. Specifically the work of part time philosopher Sam Harris in contemporary work. I try to stay up to date on whats trending in that world as best I can. Right now that means technological advancement. I was extremely fortunate that one of my professors while in school was one of the leading people in his field of expertise (the philosophy of technology). Because of this, I got access to the front edge of the philosophical debate is regards to our ever expanding technological “Know-how”. I love this field and hope to do something in it.

Weirdly that the next part of what makes me go is down in the 7th paragraph (which you’re still reading because you know the consequences) but that is my love for the outdoors. Expect a ridiculous amount of blog time to be dedicated to snowboarding, extremist in any outdoor sport, and hot fishing spots. Its hard to draw a parrelel (feeling-wise) in the real world to cutting your way through some freshly packed pow then lifting into space. Or spending 6 hours on the river getting skunked, just to hook into a 15 pound steelie on your 20th final cast of the day.

At the very end of it all, I’d like to believe I am a simple guy with simple tastes. I envision that when my career has come and gone I will be left with a large piece of property somewhere with ample fishing, hunting, and access to lots of PBR. Dogs, a porch, and a nice rocking chair to complete a throwback to an earlier day and age.

I wouldn’t be being honest if I didn’t mention that I love my close group of friends to death, but they are a bunch of assholes. They suck at fantasy football, drink too much, and are legitmately the only reason I’m still alive. Love y’all.



6 thoughts on “Bio

  1. I am so excited you are doing this! Miss having class with you. FYI – for me college is real life, I plan to stay for quite a while, whether it be as a student or professor. Although I’ve already lived a few lives. I think I’m best suited for life in academia.

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  2. This is dope brother. Best believe I’m trying to get in on this with you. I’ve always wanted to write myself. I’m not ready to jump in right away sadly i’m still trying to get my legs back under from football ending among other things but we’ll definitely talk about it more when I get home in a couple weeks.


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