Barefoot Bandit, Or CIA Operative?

Harris-Moore, 22, was supposed to be out of the limelight when he was sentenced more than a year ago for his multi-state crime spree, in which he admitted stealing planes, boats, cars and food as he fled one step ahead of the law across the Pacific Northwest, and eventually further east and into the Bahamas, where he was finally captured.

He was back in court this week in Mount Vernon, Wash., though, after Skagit County’s prosecutor, unwilling to go along with the earlier multi-jurisdiction plea deal, insisted on holding him to account on crimes committed there. Those included a charge of breaking into the Anacortes Airport in 2010, stealing a plane and flying it to nearby Orcas Island.

When it turned out that Harris-Moore had already pleaded guilty to the plane theft in the earlier deal, he entered a guilty plea this week solely to the burglary charge, earning a three-month sentence that won’t extend his original prison term.

The hand-written note, attorney Lance Rosen said, was prepared to read to Superior Court Michael Rickert at the end of Wednesday’s hearing, but by that time, Harris-Moore had already missed his chance to speak in court.

“He asked me to release his statement today on his behalf to offer a public expression of his gratitude for the kindnesses and support he has received from so many good people,” Rosen said in a statement. “He has been amazed and inspired.”

Rosen has helped negotiate a movie deal about Harris-Moore, whose main criminal defense lawyer, John Henry Browne, has said was the victim of a horrendous childhood who began hiding in the woods from abusive parents and stealing to obtain food.

His upbringing was “worse than a dog’s,” Browne told the court last year.

In his letter, Harris-Moore made it clear he was determined to put his criminal past behind him.

“The past is absolutely separate from the future,” he wrote. “The past holds experiences and lessons I’ll learn from for the rest of my life, but my future is precisely what I make it.”


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I know this is a bit old, but I wanted to revisit it based on the level of craziness it has. “Planes, boats, and cars”. Who was this kid? He had zero aviation training whatsoever. You expect me to believe some snot nosed, pimple faced kid got in the captains seat of a small aircraft and just said “No problem”. Something about this smells like a super black op CIA mission…but hey we’ll never know.

That being said, if this is really true as reported…this kid can play for my team any day. Can you imagine the balls it takes to have the police hot on your tail, see a plane and be like “I got this”. Like anyone with that amount of go gettiveness*? is someone to be reckoned with.

If he isn’t a CIA operative right now as is, they better be recruiting him as I type. Read that whole story, this freaking dude was on the run for more than 2 years. He stole a boat with bullets ringing all around him. This guy left CLUES that it was him burglarizing places. Wheres Batman? Because this kid is straight out of a comic book. Give him a cane and a gimmick and I’m sold.


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