Top 3 Bar Games


I was out at the bar last night drinking with some buddies. I got to realizing about midway through the night that almost all bar environments are better with some sort of game being played. So, of course, I started thumping the table and started out my tried and true, go to, all time classic bar game and the night got instantly better.

So here are my top 3 bar games.

3. CORN HOLE– Listen very carefully here. Corn hole is a GREAT bar game. You can get a bunch of people involved, there is time for one on one conversation, and you get to show off your wicked nasty underhanded tossing abilities. Most bars don’t have room for an active corn hole situation though, so while it is one of the best, its also a rarity. It is the unicorn of bar games.

HOW TO: Two boards with a hole near the top. The boards are propped up as to be in a downward facing angle. Place the boards across from each other. The standard game is teams of 2 facing off (It can get much larger). One teammate on each side. The players on the same side take turns tossing sacks filled with flour, beans, whatever, towards the other board with the goal of getting it into the hole. If the sack lands on the board 1 point. If it goes in the hole 3. You subtract whoever has the lower score after 3 tosses from the higher score and that is the winning teams game score. The bags switch to the other boards side, where the other players repeat the process.

2. THUMPER– You mean there is a game that an unlimited amount of people can play, get stupid drunk, and get rowdy during??? Sign me up. LOVE me some thumper. You don’t need any additional items to play. Just a bar table, ample pitchers, and people ready to annoy everyone else in the bar.

HOW TO: Every player creates a hand sign that signifies them (mine is typically the steer horns or shooting pistols…real tough guy). Once you have gone around the table and everyone has made their sign known you begin. You begin by thumping the table repeatedly in a drumroll type fashion. The person who starts calls out “WHATS THE NAME OF THE GAME??!” everyone else responds “THUMPER”. Again the leader “WHY DO WE PLAY IT?!” “TO GET FUCKED UP!!!”. The beat then begins. It is thump the table twice, clap. So, down, down, clap. When everyone is on rhythm, the leader then goes down, down, their sign, down, down, someone else sign. This signifies the passing of the turn. Whoever had their sign made then does the same process. Down, down, their sign, down, down, someone else. This is how it goes until someone messes up.

There will be a TON of mess ups early. Stick with it. Once the beat gets going fast everyone gets so game faced. When someone messes up the whole table erupts. This would be my all around number 1 bar game of all time if you could get everyone at anytime to play. Some people don’t like getting super rowdy however, and this game definitely requires that.

1. KINGS CUP– This initially might be underwhelming. But think about it. There are a bunch of arbitrary rules that can change, a ton of people can play, and everyone gets to drink. It hits all the things you want in a bar game, and even the quietest of bar mouses will want to participate.

HOW TO: Look it up online.


NOTE: For all you frat stars, no beer pong and snappa are not good bar games. They are the opposite of good bar games. Small numbers play, you get hyper focussed your game play (opposed to group play), and only the squids who suck get drunk. Save um for game days at the house.


PS: The image for this post tested well in focus groups.



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