The Off Season Is Coming

Head Coaches, brace yourselves, the off season is coming.

I’m going to start this by saying the NFL is a joke. Completely dominated by dollar values. It has been this way forever, so that statement is no surprise. Roger Goodell having a job after all the player misconduct bs these past few seasons, and his mishandling/fabrication of Deflategate to cover those misconduct slips is a JOKE.

At the end of the day it all makes sense though. The NFL had 11.2 billion dollars in revenue last year. That was a record breaking year amidst all the scandals (AP, Rice, Hardy, concussions). 2015 figures to bring in 13 billion, again, no surprise there. Paraphrasing the movie “Concussion” the NFL owns a day of the week. Roger Goodell is on record saying he wants to eclipse 25 billion by year 2027.

I don’t know why The Fuhrer picked 2027, seems about as arbitrary as his policing policies in the league. What I do know, is that the owners are all salivating at that number. Therein lies the problem. Therein lies the reason there are vastly more bad teams in todays league than good ones. Make no mistake about that either. The product on the field this season was down.

The problem stems from teams inabilities to be coached consistently. Teams are giving guys 2 years at best to turn around 2 win teams! I am going to say that again. Ownership individuals and groups are giving new head coaches 2 years (sometimes 1) to turn around teams that are complete rebuilds. Why is this happening? The Bucks just fired Lovie Smith after 2 years. The Forty Niners just fired Jim Tomsula after 1. Ken Wisenhunt, Hue Jackson, Dennis Allen, the Jaguars and Browns as a whole.

The argument could be made that Tomsula lost more games than the previous year. Wait, no it can’t, he lost like 3 quarters of his all pro defense, and Jim Harbaugh left him with the dumpster fire that is Colin Kapernick.

The dollar signs are making people in ownership dip their hands into football matters. These people in large part ARE NOT football people. You cannot hire a head coach, tell him to rebuild your team, then play around with his decisions. Whats happening is 1. Coaches are not getting enough time to install and coach their systems and 2. Ownership has too much of a hand in their football decisions. Then, when those decisions ultimately fail, ownership points the finger at the head coach and they move on. This leaves the players in disarray, the system in shambles, and the team leaderless.

It is vastly harder for a team in the dregs of the league to climb its way out with the system changing year in year out. The Niners are a perfect example of how a team can work its way back to relevance.

After the Jeff Garcia years the team was horrible. There was nothing the team could hang its hat on. Then slowly we began to see glimmers of hope. Derek Smith resigns to like a 4 win team (all pro linebacker), and the defense all of a sudden looks great if the offense can give them a break on the field. Some smart draft picks (Manny Lawson, Patrick Willis, etc), signs (Justin Smith, Walt Harris, Nate Clemens) and boom this team is ready to take off for Jim Harbaugh. What was consistent during that building period? Mike Nolan. Mike Nolan was a great free agent recruiter, did well in the draft, and kept this team somewhat consistent. Mike Nolan was a fantastic builder.

He made his mistakes for sure. Changing the offensive coordinator every year when you have a young QB struggling to find his game was not a good look. But again, that was probably the Yorks looking to place blame somewhere. Essentially, the team that Harbaugh got was the bones of what Nolan built. Singletary was an AWFUL head coach and was mediocre with what turned into a juggernaught team. Singletary handed Mike Nolan’s creation to Harbaugh who succeeded immediately.

I believe the Niner head coaches from 2005 to Jim Harbaugh is a great example of how ownership should handle a rebuild. Not what we are seeing today. The pettiness and money grubbing actions of ownerships around the league have diminished the on field product.

Barstool Big Cat posted something on Barstool.com today speaking to this. Head coaching in the NFL has to be the most anxiety ridden job in America today.

I am seeing that posted a lot today. I have not seen many people getting angry at ownership for ruining our Sunday on field product with their behavior.

Give me a fucking pitchfork and some torches. So over the Yorks and their bullshit. Where you at “Forever Faithful”? That title for the fan base couldn’t be lamer by the way. To quote an old coach “YOU’RE SUUU-FUCKING-POSED TO BE” you don’t need to tell us you are. Fucking Alex Smith traitors. Burn it all to the ground.

Cheers to a shitty NFL for years to come


EDIT: The fact that I didn’t rank the Game of Thrones characters as head coaches is a travesty.

  1. Tywin Lannister– Because he has the brains and balls to lead a locker room/ Bill Belichick the league…A+
  2. Queen of Thorns– Debatably as smart as Tywin and sneaky as ruthless…can the old bird command the locker rooms respect as the first female head coach?…A-
  3. Eddard Stark-Been to war before, been successful. D-FENCE…B
  4. Daenerys Targaryen- Listen, I hate her management of the free cities. That locker room is a mess. But she has dragons…C+
  5. Robert Baratheon– Lets just go out and get the biggest guys for the line and call it a day…after we throw a big banger smash on some hookers and do some drugs of course…C+
  6. Robb Stark-Young gun looking to make a name for himself. Killed it at the collegiate level…not ready for the big show though…C-
  7. Tyrion Lannister- He’s got the brains, he’s got the balls, but he is the size of the ball…D+
  8. Jon Snow- Hot take of the day here. But again think about it. Locker room is a mess. They fucking killed him…D
  9. Lord Tyrell- Ownership pawn…F
  10. Ramsey Bolten- If you want the Baltimore Ravens Ramsey is your guy. Murder, rape, torture….F could be higher if you’re an asshole

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