When Did Cincinnati Become The Other Side Of 8 Mile On Novara?

A few days late on this, so forgive me. I was out fishing the Northern California rivers for some prize steelheads.

Pac Man Jones and Vontaze Burfict are direct products of a Marvin Lewis locker room. Make no mistakes about it. Pac Man has a reputation for being an idiot across the league, but what sports fans saw Saturday night was Marvin Lewis losing control of his team. That game got completely out of hand. Antonio Brown is lucky to have his life after the shot Burfict took on him in the closing moments of the game.

It was out of hand, but it was the exact sort of battle I want to see on Sundays. If every game of the season was like that, we’d be one step closer to bringing back the gladiators of old. Love me some Singletary from the Bears glory days. I rough football is a better football.

Listen, these guys know what they are signing up for. For a lot of these dudes its the one chance they have at creating a better life for their families. It’s an opportunity for them, not a sick twisted blood sport for us. Make sure they know exactly what the risks are associated with continued participation in football as adults and let them fly.

I loved the movie concussion, and loved that it took aim at the NFL. Fuck Roger Goodell. What I don’t love, is that some people don’t understand that athletes in any sport take risks with their bodies no matter what. Whether its in the weight room, on the field in game or practice, athletes are subject to extreme injuries. The movie is aiming to educate people as to the risks of this certain sport, so that parents and athletes can make responsible decisions. Checking  the NFL to ensure it is doing its due diligence with informed consent. Its not a call to hamstring the sport. IMO. These are grown men capable of making their own decisions.

Football is football. With all the new findings on concussions, and the ever improving knowledge of the human body, I think its safe to say that athletes are aware of the risks they put their bodies in. I’m not saying I want head hunting to come back, but a flag every time a receiver gets tuned up is detracting from the on field product.

Ultimately, the on field product is what pays the bills. The on field product is big dudes moving fast and hitting each other. If I wanted to see how fast a skinny guy can run, I would watch track and field. I want to see big, strong, fast humans try to accomplish goals while other big, strong, fast humans try to stop them.

If all parties know the risks associated with what they are doing…what is the problem with that again?


When trying to argue that football is not a blood sport, but a game played between consenting adults…probably not a good idea to put a clip of a gladiator competing against his will….oops



PS. Greatest clip of all time



Who did it better?

^Click this little button…If you don’t think I would have been a better than average wins above replacement option to play Maximus than you don’t know shit about shit.

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