LA Is The Worst: Raiders, Chargers, Rams

“So understand first that you’re here because you want to be here and because you think you can make money here, not because anybody was dying to see you again. Consider yourself lucky to be back on our turf. And while you’re here, you’ll have to play by our three simple rules:

You must win. You must entertain. You must do both with the sort of decency and integrity that makes us feel comfortable enduring long lines of traffic, long lines at bathrooms, and mosh pits in parking lots for a chance to watch you play.”

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How awful is that guy? Like this pretentious fuck thinks NFL teams owe the fan base in LA something special just because they are from LA? Bro, LA stinks. Its overcrowded, smoggy as hell, and about as plastic as they come.

INTEGRITY??? LA fans are notorious for being low class thugs. What the hell are you talking about. Go talk to the Stow family if you want a good take on LA’s fan base and how much integrity means to them.

Just about the only good thing coming out of this is that the Raiders are staying in The Town.


I’m not the biggest Raider fan but I know that they belong in Oakland. The Raider fan base can also be criticized for their lack of ethics, just like the LA fan base. So what makes the two different? Oakland fans don’t ask the team to act with integrity, in fact, they expect them not to. It makes the Sunday tailgate experience that much better. I’ve never seen my friends happier than at a Raiders tailgate slugging beers and cursing Al Davis (RIP, just win baby).

Whats even better is that the Raiders are getting 100 million to stay put and build a new stadium. So LA gets the shitty Rams, and SD and Oakland get 100 mil to stay put. Huge wins all the way around.

My one issue is that I LOVE the coliseum. I get that the place is basically a natural disaster away from being condemned (but the raider fans would still go though). I get that the plumbing backfires at almost every major event. What I also get, is that the last Cement Cathedral houses the BEST tailgates anywhere in America not named Buffalo. Oakland’s stadium is a throw back to the age of cement giants and I love it. The bigger the better. Their stadium is a reflection of the teams, and fan base’s mentality. Old school, “doesn’t matter how much shit you throw at us, we’ll be standing come tomorrow. RAAAAIIIDDEEEERRSSSSSSSS”.

So what I sincerely hope ownership does, is take whatever money they had in funding and put it into repairs. You have the last of its kind type stadium. ITS THE TOWN, its sooo fitting. Rebuild it in a direct image of itself and continue to be the Oakland Raiders everyone knows and loves. Nobody is asking for you to change. Just put a decent product on the field and the fan base will be there. Hell don’t put a decent product on the field and the fan base will still be there. There will just be more fights to contend with.






This one has gold everywhere. Not safe for the older folks out there though.






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