Long Live The Irish Madman

First, I want to apologize for the delay between blogs. I just made a move to San Diego, as some of you may know. So my time has wholly been devoted to figuring out a way to pay rent. My first few baby steps away from that post-college drunk without a future.

On to my boy McGregor. The first thing I want to do is address the fight itself. McGregor came into this fight with a ton of added weight, gained over the course of two weeks. Let me put this into perspective for you. Fighters typically lose lots of pounds before fights. It’s called cutting, and it provides rhythm to their fight prep routines. So McGregor not only added the 30 pounds to meet Nate Diaz in the ring, he realistically threw all his fight prep rhythm away. As an athlete in any field, you have your routine. You wake up, eat a very specific amount of calories, work out to a very specific time, rinse and repeat. Having to gain 30 pounds in two weeks ruins all the work McGregor had put into the intended fight, and ruins his title-winning routine.


Keeping all that in mind, this fight made sense. McGregor came out early with great body movement on the defensive side of things. Diaz couldn’t touch the Irish Lad. I have seldom seen someone as talented in making an opponent miss. Not only was he making him miss, he was landing SHOTS with an alarming frequency. The only concern was the missed wound-up kicks.


The second round begins. McGregor is still pressing his advantage; while Nate Diaz looks like a busted tomato. The key difference is that McGregor’s hands are lowered and his leans are not as crisp. Diaz begins to lands some shots on McGregor. McGregor looks gassed, McGregor looks wobbled, McGregor goes to ground, McGregor gets choked out.


What mystifies me about this fight is two things. #1– People saying McGregor got his ground game exposed. Ummm, what? His legs got taken from him by a Diaz left. When a rocked fighter goes to the ground, the fight almost always ends within the next 20-30 seconds. We STILL have not seen Connor McGregor fight on the ground. What we did see was a fighter carrying around improperly gained weight get gassed. If anyone thinks Diaz looked better than Connor in this fight, they should get their eyes checked. #boomroasted


The second thing is all the McGregor hate that came out of the woodwork. IT’S A FIGHT. Fights get made by the personalities in them. Aldo is a boring personality; DeSantos=watching grass grow; Connor is an electricity factory. 1 million times out of 1 million times do I prefer the exciting personality stepping into the ring over the boring, keeps-his-nose-down guy. This isn’t an NFL QB position; these are warriors. People love Ali right? That guy talked more shit from the very start of his career than anyone I’ve ever seen today. I want to get pumped up for a fight I have to pay to watch. I do that by listening to the men talk about how they are going to cause permanent bodily damage to each other. I don’t need to hear how they respect one another and are training for a tough fight. GET OUT OF HERE.


All the people crying about how cocky Connor McGregor is are the same people who hated Cam. If you like Cam but hate Connor, you are a hypocrite. The only difference between the two is that Cam acted like a complete asshole after his loss, and McGregor has acted like this:


Fights have always been made by characters and pre-fight banter. I really don’t understand how people can criticize McGregor for giving us the best Pay-Per-View events since before Floyd ruined boxing.

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